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Oct 03, 2008 6:43 pm

Hello, welcome to Dignity forum.

For your happiness and our sanity, it is imperative that our members understand what our guild is about. Dignity began with a handful of members who have a very long history together in gaming. We came to the Sanctuary server to relax and have fun playing a game we enjoy with people we enjoy to play games with.

Our guild is not establised for the purpose of power seeking nor power leveling. We have no interest in fighting Territory Wars nor do we care to take part in PvP (hence the reason why we came to a PvE server). Please understand that we are very accepting of new friends and we welcome any like minded individuals to join us for the purpose of friendship and fun, but we are not strained to recruit members nor to keep them if they do not mesh well with our sense of harmony.

Those who will be most successful in Dignity are those who are gentle, kind and helpful. Levels, experience, wealth or over-all popularity on the server do not buy any brownie points with us. We will not treat a level 1 player any differently than we would a level 100, it isn't within our hearts or mind to do so.

We believe in helping each other, but not to the point of harming our own financial state in the game or otherwise, so give to others what you can but don't break yourself in the process. Also, it is very important that you are self sufficient. The server is new and the economy is brutal so you absolutely cannot expect the guild to support your needs. We will save you some cash now and then along the way by sharing extra equipment with you, or items we no longer need. Do not consistantly beg for Dragon Quest (DQ) items or production materials (mats) in guild. These items are a major source of income for members and beggars are simply annoying.

When it comes time for your FB's, those are like your birthday. Any items of value which drop (if they drop) are yours to keep, share with others in the guild or to sell in stall/auction. It is your choice to make, but the more you choose to share with others, the more they will desire to share with you. Anyone who consistantly receives help but does not offer it will not make it long in Dignity guild. No offense, but we do not open our doors to others to be used.

With that being said, we hope your experience in Dignity guild will be fun and beneficial to us all.

flower Happy Gaming